Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I forgot to Post

In all of the busy-ness of life, I always forget something.  I have a few creations that were made last year that I need to post about.
In no particular order...
First, I made this apron for a friend who has a birthday right around mine.  She said she loves purple, and when my mom gave me this fabric, I thought the deep jewel tones would be perfect for this friend.
 This was the pile o' aprons I made when a friend commissioned me to make a bunch of aprons for her friends.
 This was a {VERY} late birthday gift for a friend from church that I used to visit.  I am modeling it, and you might be wondering why it is so short.  Well, this friend is very petite, and it just happens to fit her just perfectly.  She loves turtles, so I used some Hawaiian turtle fabric from my stash.
 Another friend from church heard that I made aprons and she asked if I could do a last minute Christmas gift for her granddaughter.  She caught me on a good day, so I said of course (and she is a really awesome lady and I'd do anything for her), so I whipped this up for her.  Did I mention that I got sick right before Christmas?  Seriously...December 23rd, I had strep throat so bad, I went to the ER.  I think next year, I will not be sewing as many projects at the last minute.

I love this halter-style apron.  I made another for a friend in this style, and one of our other friends saw it and said she wanted that style for her birthday present too (This was actually from June, but I just never posted a picture).  I love this fabric, it looks like watercolor.
 reverse side:

Even though I was busy, and then I got sick right before Christmas, I was determined to actually make something for my own children.  So I took some felt with me to my in-laws on Christmas Eve, and made the gifts just hours before they were opened.  I looked all over the internet for a good cape tutorial and didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I improvised.  I made a collar band a bit bigger than their necks, put little velcro tabs for closures, then sewed the collars to the capes.  That was it!  Super easy.  I think I was done with both, cutting & sewing, in less than 30 minutes.
And the boys love them!  Every day is Halloween at our house now because of these capes.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year New Goals

Welcome back everyone!  All...uhhh 10 of you!  So glad to be back.

During Christmas and all of the wonderful festivities, we got hit pretty hard with some illnesses, but everyone in our family is doing well once more. 

I ACHIEVED MY GOAL!!!!  I did not spend more than $30 on crafting last year.  AMAZING!  I have to pat myself on that back for that one.  So now it is a new year, and I need a new goal.  I want to make more things.  Just just stuff, but useful things.  No offense to other crafters, but there really is a lot of junk crafts out there, junk decor, and just plain junk.  I will not involve myself in it.  I want to have a purposeful life, and in order to do that, things in my home have to have a purpose.

My husband got me this book for Christmas.  (I asked for it...don't worry, he wasn't trying to drop hints or anything).  I LOVE it and highly recommend it to everyone!  The week after Christmas, and up until round two of strep throat a few days ago, I purged our house.  Our place is probably less than 1000 square feet and I easily got rid of 10 garbage bags full of stuff.  Yeah.  Wow.  I am not even done either.  After the life-altering experience of diving into this book, I physically can't put things back into my home unless they are beautiful or useful to me and my loved ones (that is a theme throughout the book---if it is neither beautiful or useful to you, why are you allowing it to take up precious space in your home).  There is so much more to the book than that though.  Just get it.

So for my goals this year, I will continue with last year's goal, sort of.  How about, I won't spend a LOT on crafts.  How about, I will only buy supplies that are necessary. I will only make things that are useful and beautiful to myself and others (in order words, I won't create more clutter).

I will try to make something every week, and something different every month (oooh variety! so at least 12 different things this year).

what are some of your goals for 2011?