Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

I am terribly sorry I have been neglecting this creative little blog.  Ya see, I've been busy living.  And life is pretty good.  In fact, it gets better every day I spend more time experiencing it. I recently began homeschooling my kindergartener, and having 3 boys kind of wears me out a bit.

However, I do have plans for this blog.  At least for my personal organizational purposes.

I've been keeping track (I use that term pretty loosely) of my kitchen endeavors over at Chilton Kitchen, but I am realizing that my posts are pretty sparse over there as well.  Thus, I will be starting the process of moving food posts over here (anyone know an easy way of doing that?).  Making food is an act of creating, right?  And celebrations are usually accompanied by edibles, so I am hoping to spiff things up a bit over here and making a compilation of all the things I do and enjoy: family, crafts, and food.

As far as crafts go, I have a lot on my plate right now which I will soon be posting.
I am busily making aprons for a Christmas boutique in November.  Eeeek!  I really need to get on that. I have a goal to make 30 aprons to sell.  Pretty ambitious, but you've gotta have goals, right?  A friend taught me how to make fabric flowers recently, and it all-of-a-sudden clicked for me, and now I am wondering why I hadn't tried this before.  Great use for scraps, and I've made nearly 30 in the last few weeks.  I also need to get my rear in gear to make my oldest son's Halloween costume.  He decided long ago that he wanted to be Batman, and I waited.  And since he hasn't changed his mind in about 6 months, it's safe to say that we will stick with Batman this year.  I am just excited that he is not going to be Mario for the third year in a row.  I found a great tutorial, via Pinterest, for me to make his Batman costume.

Speaking of Pinterest, if you're not on there, you really should be.  It's pretty much my new favorite time waster, fun thing finder. Seriously though, it's great.

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