Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Swap Apron

Wow...3 aprons in one week.  No wonder I'm sweating (and it's been insanely hot lately).

I made another reversible apron, this time for the Fall/Halloween Apron Swap.  I patched-it, and it came out a little crazy, but hopefully the lady I got will enjoy it.  The reverse is orange, and make up for the crazy side.

Photos courtesy of a crazy-almost-4-year-old boy...who didn't get a nap today...(or yesterday...or the day before that...)

Apron for the Bride-to-be

A friend of ours is getting married.  I have knnown this girl for many years.  I was actually her camp counselor when she was 12, and silly and giggly.  Now she is 23, and silly, and giggly :)  (but that's ok because I'm 29 even older, and silly, and sometimes giggly).  Her bridal shower was last Saturday, and I was lucky enough to have my mother-in-law visiting us and I was able to whip this up pretty fast.  I am getting better each time (in my opinion).  I love this fabric.

Please ignore the mess in the background :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

An Apron and (almost) Tutorial

I have a lot of respect for people who make tutorials online.  A LOT of respect.  It takes a lot of time, and they are making something up that we wouldn't have otherwise be able to do (or at least they show us the way without us having to pay, right?)  What wonderful people.

So I tried to do a tutorial last week.  I made the apron successfully, but the tutorial, not so much.  So I will show you the process, and hopefully you can figure it out on your own :) (my apologies...I have 3 children under the age of 4, I'm sure you understand)

First, you start with 2 napkins (these ones are pretty heavy cotton, perfect for an apron, almost like canvas...actually, maybe they are canvas).  These ones were about 25"x25" (I think I bought them a few years ago at Target on clearance, which sweetens the deal of this apron

For the neck strap and the waist band, get contrasting fabric and cut it long enough to go across your waist and tie in a nice bow in the back (or for the neck strap, make it long enough to connect one side to the other, and not make your apron hang down too low).  For the waist band, I cut a piece that was pretty long (sometimes you have to piece it together to make it what you want), and wide (double what you want the waist to be + an inch for seam allowance).  Sew right sides together and make a really long tube.  Flip right side out, and iron it smooth (same for neck strap).  For waist band, tuck in at each end and sew it up to finish.

Leave one napkin as is.  This will be the skirt.  With the other napkin, cut it to the shape and size you'd like for the top (bib) portion of the apron).  Tuck the neck strap where it should go, and sew it into the seam (I am sure there are better technical terms for this, but this is what ya get).

Sew waistband to the bottom part of the top (bib).  Then sew the waistband to the bottom napkin (skirt).

YOU'RE DONE!  No hemming the bottom because the napkin is already sewn.  Nice, huh?  I am sure there is another, more detailed tutorial out there on making an apron from napkins, but this was my way.  In theory, I think an average seamstress could whip this up in about 30 minutes (if no children are involved in the process).  Otherwise, I have no guarantees.  Also, you might want to curve the bottom of the skirt portion, add a ruffle, a pocket, whatever.  The possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Abby...

I am going to copy your idea.  I hope you don't mind.  Actually, I know you don't, because I emailed you, and you said it's ok.  Whew!  I feel so much better now.  You are so nice.  I'm sure we'd be real life friends if we knew each other.

photo courtesy of Abby Welker, A Feathered Nest
I've always wanted an advent calendar.  I have seen many, and this is by far the coolest one I have ever seen.
I am slightly overwhelmed.  Anyone else want to try and make one?  I had high hopes last year.  Cut all of the felt squares already, gathered felt scraps, and even set aside some embroidery thread.  Then life got in the way.  But this year, I AM DOING THIS!  I am going to break it down so I don't get discouraged.

25 squares, each unique, hand-made with beads, embroidery, felt, and other items.
If I start today, I have 55 days to complete it (December 1st).
I've always wanted an advent calendar.  I have seen many, and this is by far the coolest one I have ever seen.

Here are her posts on the making of this gorgeous advent:
Christmas Advent Calendar

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Aprons, and more

Even though it's been a month, I actually have been making things.  More earrings, but no pictures of them all.  I think I now have 4 more pairs, plus 2 pairs for friends...I have a bunch now (I think it's cured me of earring-making for a while....that, and I started running low on a certain piece, I think jewelry makers call them "findings," so in order to resist the urge to purchase more, the beads and jewelry-making trinkets have been locked away).

Earrings are soooooo easy!  It is just a pain when the boys see the "treasures" (aka beads) and they assume it is for them.  So I have to be fast.

Another birthday, another apron.  Whoohoo!  This was a quick one.  I knew this friend wanted a hot housewife apron for her birthday, but I thought I had an extra week until her birthday...I didn't realize that her husband was turning their "end of summer" party into a surprise birthday party for his wife until 6 hours before the party (if that).  So after getting my boys down for a nap, and figuring out what I would take to the party for food, I got this apron together (another reversible apron).  I love this fabric.

This picture is just because I never showed the finished result of my magnetic easel/recipe holder thing.  I love how it looks with the cute crochet flowers my friend stuck to magnets for me.

My husband often works on Saturdays which makes life a little crazy interesting.  Forgive me, but after a week of being home with 3 little people (who I love dearly), I really need some adult interaction.  But it truly is a blessing to have work, so I will stop complaining.  Anyhow, on one of these blessed Saturdays, I was going a bit crazy thinking of something fun I could do with the boys that would not require leaving the house.  I found this tutorial.  AWESOME.  Leaves made from wax paper and crayon shavings.  I remember doing these as a kid.  So we made a bunch, stuck clear thread from the top and I hung them from a hoop to make a little mobile in our living room.

A few days ago, I received a sweet package from a girl who runs one of the swap blogs where I participate (swaps are fun...if you join, tell her I sent ya!).  This was a difficult time for me to put together a package quickly, so I opted out, but she was sweet enough to send me some cute things.  As a thank you, I whipped this up as fast as I could.  I wanted to try a scalloped edge, so this was kind of an experiment (this is also my first time doing a patchwork-ish apron).  It's kind of different, I know.  My husband liked it though.  "I hope she enjoys it as much as I do," were his exact words.

So that's pretty much what I have been making lately.  On my plate right now are an order of 10 half (skirt) aprons, and 3 or 4 reversible full aprons, plus another full apron (another birthday for a friend), and an advent calendar (that I will post on very soon....ahhhh, I had high hopes of doing this last year and it didn't happen, but I really want to get my act together and do it).  Oh yeah, and my quilt.  Urgh!  I better get moving.