Thursday, September 2, 2010

Something Different---Earrings!

I have never made earrings before.  Looks pretty simple, but I need to be inspired in order to make something.  And I kind of don't want to spend a lot of time making something, and have it be lame.  While I was visiting with a friend yesterday, I had her fix some of my broken earrings (thanks Nat!), and asked her how she gets ideas to make jewelry.  She said just looking around at online stores (like Etsy) or when she goes to Target.  Ideas are all around us!  You'd think that the thought would have crossed my mind, but I never really considered it.

And I have a LOT of beads to work with.  Maybe I will post a picture sometime.  4 of those divided boxes, FULL.  Some were mine, some were my step-sister's, some were my mom's (campfire beads...funny huh?), and about 80% of the beads were from my grandma's collection. My (still living) grandma was into almost every crafty hobby imaginable (I think she even made some lace), and I am grateful for all of the collections with which I am able to experiment and create.  This morning I made 4 pairs of earrings.  Whoohoo! 

Click the picture to see close-up details.

I am still experimenting, so I am hoping to get better at this (especially the creative part, and the wire bending.  It's lots of fun).  I really like those red beads and the cream colored beads (with the orange ones) because they have carvings.