Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So Far so Good

Well, my 5 faithful readers, we've made it to the middle of the year, and I am still within budget.  Whew.  Can you believe it is already the middle of the year?  I've actually made much more than I've been posting, but I don't always have the time to post a picture of each thing.

I made 2 more crayon rolls for my son's friends' birthdays (a brother and sister who are a year apart but are basically twins because they are the exact same size!) (seriously, one of the easiest things to make once you get it down).

I used my wonderful red fabric again to line a crate (really tacky looking without the liner, but now it looks spiffed up, right? We're using it on our living room for books and magazines...and fabric of projects that I have yet to start/finish. tutorial from: Laura Gunn she's a designer with some really gorgeous fabric out there...maybe at the end of the year, I will treat myself to some.

My oldest son "graduated" from his first year of preschool last week, and I volunteered to make the graduation caps.  (sorry, these were not included in my budget, but all I really bought were the bowls...yes, I made hats out of bowls.  I am sure there's a cuter way, but that's how I roll).

 I made this awesome apron (if I do say so myself) for my friend Sarah's birthday.  I love this apron.  The style is so fun.  I used an online tutorial from here, but I kind of drafted it up on my own (FYI, if you do use this tutorial, change the measurements and hold it up to you to make sure it is not insanely small.  I definitely changed it up, but couldn't have done it without this tute).  I also decided to make it reversible, which complicates things a bit (but I like having the option in making an arpon reversible...this one, the opposite side is blue, with orange straps)

And to wrap things up (yes folks, it's been another busy week...but within this coming week, I will have made at least 2 aprons.  One swap and another for a friend's birthday).  I had my husband help me remove a million staples from an ottoman.  I bought this baby over a year ago (I remember because I asked my neighbors to carry it down the street for me (bought it from a garage sale down the street).  The wife was still pregnant, so the husband carried it for me (I had the two boys in a stroller then).  I have been wanting to recover this thing FOREVER!.  I have had the fabric for even longer.  I still need to paint and repair the legs, so this is just my husband, hard at work.  It was fun to sit and chat, just the two of us while we removed staples.
I am excited to post this ottoman when it is finally done (it is going to go nicely with the quilt...if that ever gets done too)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recent Creations

I have been busy lately.  For one thing, our kitchen and bathroom had some disasters.  Part of the kitchen ceiling drooped, then a hole, then water...yikes.  (The bathroom is upstairs above the kitchen).
Following the removal of the old sheetrock then repairing leaks, etc etc...BORING!
Lots of repairs have been made, but just yesterday we got the ceiling sheetrocked, and it is still a long process to fix the wall....blah blah blah.  Who cares, right?  People want to see crafts.

This is the quilt I have been working on since...October?  You'd think I'd be done by now, but nope.  So to any accrued expenses on this count since I started it before I started my challenge?  Well, no, but for the record, I haven't spent more than $7 on this thing.  All of the fabrics (except the white) were scraps (my own, some won from a blog giveaway, and others were from my mom and grandma).  Pretty awesome.  When it's done, it will cover our queen bed (and have pretty red border and pretty aqua border).  This is going to be my summer project with a friend of mine.  She is going to teach me to hand quilt ("stitch in the ditch") since it is so dang expensive to have it machine quilted (I was given an estimate that it'd be close to $100...I'm trying to be economical here.  Let me think about this...learn how to quilt by hand and spend quality time with a friend, or be out some moolah).

my oldest son and my BFF's daughter are buddies, and since it was that daughter's birthday recently, I decided to give her some homemade gifts.  This is a crayon roll.  See the little pockets?  Stick crayons in them and roll it up.  I love making these because they are easy and kids love them (so do their parents).  Tutorial from Skip to my Lou.

I also made her a doll.  This was a bit more time consuming (not too much) and made me (mentally) curse at my sewing machine for not being incredibly amazing.  I wanted to make pigtails and totally forgot, but I still love the way she turned out (with both arms sticking straight up instead of down at her sides...who cares.  I am so critical of myself though).  I made one of these around Christmas for another girl friend of son #1 who was in his JoySchool class (they did a gift exchange and it was supposed to be a homemade gift....he sort of helped me).  I stitched the eyes and mouth as well, and it totally made my day that she was in love with her little doll.  Black Apple (top seller on Etsy) doll tutorial via Martha Stewart here.

I made these pillow covers/cases a while ago (still this year though), and I also made some for our bed (aqua on one side and white on the open side).  Here is a pillow tutorial: here.  I basically used this to get an idea of what I wanted to do, then measured the small decorative pillows I had and made it to fit them.  Making pillow covers is a great way to change up a room without paying much (or just use some scraps and you pay nothing, like me).
Then, I was looking at our pathetic "microsuede" ottoman (it still has the price on the bottom...I was in shock at how expensive it was).  It was once tan/khaki, then we had kids.  I'm sure it is somewhat washable, but it looked like it was the site of several accidents.  Would I rather take the time to clean it again and again, or just make a slipcover?  Slipcover it is!  This was so much easier than I thought, though I made it a bit too tight, oh well. Measured around the ottoman, added an inch, measured height, added inch, and traced the top, added 1/2 inch all around.  Cut out one piece for the base of ottoman, one circle for the top.  Sewed hem first for big rectangle, then right sides together on the short ends.  Pinned circle to the top of that, sewed around the edge of that, flipped it right side out, WHOOHOO! A slipcover.  (hope that made sense)  I was kind of inspired by this ottoman redo (even though my ottoman is a totally different shape).  I actually have another ottoman that I bought a year ago at a garage sale with the same shape as the above link....another project coming soon!
It may be hard to believe, but all of these creations cost me NOTHING! I had all of this stuff already.  Amazing.  The red fabric came from a home dec store that was going out of business a few years ago.  My mom bought the last of the roll for me, and I have been trying to think of ways to use it up.  I think I still have enough left to make a cushion to cover a bench!