Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Crown for My Buddy

Son #1 is 4 years old today!  Last week in his Joy School class, he had a little party, and one of my duties is to make crowns for the kids this year when it is their birthday.  So my own child was the first to get a spiffy crown. 

I used this thick stiff stuff that you can iron fabric onto it.  Pretty vague huh?  I have no idea what it is called.  My mom was under the impression that I wanted it several months ago, so she bought some for me and it's been sitting in the closet.  When I realized that I needed to make a crown, I pulled that stuff out, cut some fabric, folded it around the piece of stiff stuff I cut to fit my boy's bulbous noggin' (so the fold is along the base of the crown), ironed it to both sides, cut the pointy tips, then sewed all around it.  Then I added some velcro for a closure (overlapping one side slightly).  Sorry, no play-by-play tutorial.  It literally took me 5 minutes, with all three kids awake, and the baby on my lap.  I felt like a rockstar.

He doesn't normally look like this, he just does it for special occasions.  He's really quite an attractive child in my opinion.  I love him to pieces even though he can be a little stinker.  Actually, I think he is growing out of the stinker phase.  He's getting more and more "mature" (whatever that means) every day.

Today he wore that exact same outfit and crown everywhere he went.  I love the innocence of childhood, how looking completely ridiculous is not only acceptable, but it is cool.  It made my day that he felt cool wearing this crown. And, it only took 5 minutes to make.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Round of Advent Squares

I am pretty sure life is hectic for everyone out there.  I often wonder why I bother to start projects.

Then...I remember.  I feel so excited when I am all done and get to enjoy the work.  And my husband and kids think I am pretty cool when I make things too (even if the end result isn't perfect).  Right now is just really crazy.  I may or may not have mentioned that over the next 7 weeks will be my first son's birthday, Thanksgiving, My birthday, my brother's birthday, Christmas, AND our anniversary. 

So here's my progress with the advent squares.  I am sort of halfway done.  Sort of. 

Some squares are cut, set, and stitched, some are just set.  See the hand-stitching in all its glory?
I've been a bit overwhelmed with life lately (and a very sweet and loving, loud and aggressive 2-year-old who can make the almost-4-year-old more aggressive while making the 7-month-old cry).  I really wish I could be the mom who gets everything done, but alas, this blog is about honesty and not fantasy.

For those who haven't met them, wanna see my little heroes?
These are the big guys. They are 20 months apart, but I get asked if they are twins.

And there's the baby.  

These guys make me laugh, cry, and pull my hair out.  But they are the reason I am making this advent.  I want to have traditions in our family, and cool decorations to get excited about.  I want the Christmas magic in my home.  And doing embroidery is kinda therapuetic.  Well, at least when the house is quiet.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mario Cake

Are you ready for something different, totally imperfect, and loaded with sugar?!  Well, my oldest (he'll be 4 next week) has a birthday this month, and since it is at a rather inconvenient time (close to Thanksgiving), it's often difficult to work out how and when to do a party.  So yesterday we did a little family party with us, the grandparents, and some aunts and uncles. 

Kind of last minute, I decided to make a Mario cake (as in Super Mario Brothers).  My friend who makes cakes was going to do a cake, but everyone in her family got sick, so she called last week to tell me she couldn't do it.  Hmmm...what to do?  Ask my mom or do it myself...hmmmm.  Tough one.  My mom has done a bunch of my boys' cakes, but I figured it was my turn.  I decided to try it myself, and it wasn't a total wreck.  I did a search online for Mario cakes, and found this one that didn't look as hard as all of the others (and didn't involve fondant).  Not the prettiest cake ever, but it was super moist because I followed another friend's advice: NO OIL.  to any cake mix add 1 1/2 C water and 2 eggs.  That's it!

Mario looks rather tipsy, but hey, for a first-timer, I'd say it's not half bad.  I don't know how to frost without getting crumbles though.  Last time I decorated a cake was over 10 years ago (I made a Thanksgiving turkey cake with my cousin who was 6 or 7 at the time).  I hate frosting, but it was really fun to glop it on there.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Progress Progress Progress

So the countdown until December 1st is 18 days.  AGGGGHHHH!!!  I don't have a picture of my completed advent squares yet, but I think I have about 8 of them done.  I've been a bit stressed lately, and tedious hand sewing/embroidery work doesn't happen unless all children are asleep.  As I type this, I am talking to one child, holding the baby, and watching the other.  That's multi-tasking for you.

On my to-do list:
* complete apron for Swap (yay!!!  I am so excited to get a Christmas apron)
* complete advent
*complete 10 aprons for a commissioned project for friends (8 are already half done)
* begin other commissioned project

ok, I am a bit overwhelmed now....gotta get to it

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Manly Apron

No wonder I am stressed.  I went from the rush of three aprons, to this one, to now nothing....but I have the special advent in the works right now (and only 26 more days to complete it!  I can do this!)

So we have some awesome friends.  This man, his wife, and kids are pretty darn special to our family (so special, they've earned the titles "auntie and uncle").  On occasion, he likes to borrow my boys.  I wish we could pay him back for all that he has done.  This apron was the least I could do.  He requested an apron for his birthday.  He saw that I gave all of the ladies aprons for their birthdays, and decided that he was going to get "a Sarah original" for his birthday too.

I made this one reversible, because I must confess, reversible is easier for me, and I like having the option of flipping an apron over.

our friend is a police officer, and so I thought I'd leave him anonymous

For one side, I found this awesome vintage fabric here on Etsy.  Yay!  It was exactly what I was looking for.  Police stuff without being cheesy.  However...I spent money.  Yikes!  But, in my defense, I am adding a new rule so I can feel justified.  You don't know how much self control I have exercised during the course of this year.  WHOA!  Needless to say, I had no man-appropriate fabric, so that's that.  So I didn't buy fabric for myself, it was for this.  Ok, I feel so much better.  Moving on...the other side, I choose to use some authentic Hawaiian fabric my mom brought back for me the last time she visited the islands.  This friends works with Polynesian friends at Church, and so this apron looks like a Samoan lava-lava (well, the fabric would have been used for a lava-lava)

So there ya have it.  The first apron I've made for a man.