Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Awesome Apron

Last week was my dear friend, Natalie's birthday.  And it was the big 3-0!  I think this is the year of the apron for me because for almost every friend's birthday, I've made them an apron (yes, there are a few people who I didn't make aprons for, but more people, got these).  And I have participated in many an apron swap.  (they have an awesome "Back to the Future" theme right now...I am totally wishing that I was involved this time, but I am waiting for the Halloween theme).

This is now the third apron I have made with this fabric!  So glad I made the splurge and bought so much of it a few months ago (and I still have some left).  I guess you can say that I made up this pattern.  Honestly, that is the only way to go (unless you are doing something totally crazy).  Making an apron is like making only the front half of a halter dress.  I added some eyelet ruffle trim from my (grandma's) stash.  I love eyelet! (oh and it is reversible to a red apron with a white-with-black-dots waistband

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Magnetic Recipe Holder

My sewing machine is getting a little dusty, but I do have projects to report (some were actually made long long ago).  First, I covered this magnetic board thing.  I saw it in a thrift store last year and thought it'd be good to use in the kitchen for holding recipes in view, but it was ugly.  I think it was probably used by a secretary to hold things in view while typing. First, I tried painting it, but the paint peeled off (and there were words embossed on there, so that didn't work so well).

Some colored tissue paper and mod podge turned it into...

Probably not the COOLest thing ever, but definitely not as ugly.  I made it even cuter with some crocheted daisy magnets a friend made for me.