Monday, March 22, 2010

What I've been Making

I started this to keep track of things I make, and money I spend (or save...hopefully more of the latter).
Here are some things I have made since starting this challenge:

Reversible Valentine's Apron for a swap. Money spent: $0 (fabric from my stash)

Framed embroidery for a swap. Money spent $0 (thread, fabric, & ricrac from stash. Frame extra from Christmas sale...pre-challenge)

Heart garland (I actually made 3, one for me, one for swap, and one for group package to Nie Nie)
Money spent: $0 (felt and thread from stash)

Heart crayons (tutorial here) Money spent: $0 (from broken crayon pieces)

Reversible apron for friend's birthday. Money spent: $0 (fabric from stash. I LOVE these green dots)

Reversible apron for Swap. Money spent: $0 (awesome vintage fabric from stash...and I still have a ton)

Table runner for Spring Swap. Money spent: $0 (gorgeous fabric from the stash)

Spring table runner for me! Money Spent: $0 (used from scraps in my scrap collection.

I made every scrap 2.5 inches wide, and didn't do anything to the length. Sewed each scrap end to end until I had one really long strip of fabric. I calculated it all out that I could make 5 rows almost evenly. I cut the long piece every 10 inches, then mixed up the order of greens, pinks, and yellows). I love how this turned out. I want to try to make a quilt this way with some more of my scraps.

Easter Basket (tutorial by V. and Co. here at the Moda Bake Shop)
Money spent: $2.70 (on cording bought by the yard. All fabric scraps from my collection of scraps
as well as some I won in a giveaway from Creative Chicks a year or so ago)

This basket has a story. I found the tutorial for this basket a year ago and really wanted to make it, but being so close it was to Easter, I knew I wouldn't have I put it off. I thought about making one for 4th of July, maybe Halloween (would a Halloween bowl like this be cute?), or maybe even Christmas. Didn't happen. I was determined to make it for Easter this year, so I gathered things a few weeks ago, thinking this would be a piece of cake, and why not make a basket like this for every child. Ha! It took me a while because I didn't have the pre-cut "honey bun" fabric set that is recommended in the tutorial (wish I did because the fabric is gorgeous!), but that's the point...I need to use my scraps. So the cutting process took a while, and I cut too much (but that is ok), but the part that really took me a while was the winding and stitching of the basket. I don't have a thimble, so I pushed the ginormous needle through the exceptionally thick cording by using the end of the cording. This baby is strong though. Maybe I will be a little more motivated to make another basket next year (well, 2, if I want every child to have one). I am definitely pleased with the outcome though. And it really didn't take THAT long, just 15 minutes here and there over about a week.

Not pictured above, I have also made at least 4 nursing covers for friends (as gifts to them, and as gifts they have ordered). Once again, Money Spent: $0 (sometimes people purchase fabric and I just sew it for them, and everything else was made from my stash of fabric)

I am pretty excited that of the projects I have completed so far these year, I have only spent $2.70. I am going to try and update this blog more frequently (hopefully as I make things).

I am linking this post to Everything Etsy's "I Made It!" link party. To check out other awesome creations, visit the link below.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Money Spent

In order to keep with my goal of spending under $30, which I am starting to regret keeping it so low, I need to keep track of my spending (what a novel idea).

Christmas fabric 1/2 yard (for new baby's Christmas stocking)------------------$2
Cording (6 yards thick, 1 yard thin)for Easter Basket Project (coming soon) -----$2.70
Fabric splurge 2 yds ("couldn't live without it")----------------------------------$11.50
total $16.20

Fabric Organization

First things first. I need my crafty collection to be organized. This took a while, but is so worth it. If I wanted to take it a step further, I would wrap masking tape around each roll and put the exact measurement of the fabric, but I didn't have time to do that. Fabric scraps were also organized by color in ziploc bags, then placed in a bin all together.

holiday prints

Reds, pinks, oranges, & yellows

blues & greens (this one is my favorite)

Dark blues, purples, browns, grays, and others

The whole shelf

Organizing things by color makes me so happy. And it makes things easier to find and coordinate.