Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Started

I've decided to start a crafting blog. The purpose is just to keep track of what I have made this year. I don't like making worthless stuff. I want to make some cute things, but mainly things with a purpose.

My main challenge for myself is to try to limit spending money on crafting. I have a LOT of supplies (when my grandma was moved into a care facility, I received a great deal of everything....beads, fabrics, threads, trims, etc). I want to prove to myself (and anyone else out there who might come across this blog) that I CAN make things without excessive spending. I am going to try to stay within my budget of $30 for the whole year. Yep, only $30, that means I have to try really hard to find special deals, freebies, (maybe sponsors? that'd be nice, but unlikely), make trades, and discover stuff people are getting rid of.

Want to watch me try?